• 4 X 6.5” Low Frequency Driver
  • 4 X 8” neodymium planar High Frequency Driver
  • Superior audio clarity
  • True line source behaviour
  • 100°H X 10°V nominal dispersion
  • High SPL
  • Full range frequency response
  • Extendable array length


The Pulz LA402P is true line source speaker system, specially designed for high speech intelligibility in reverberant spaces. It incorporates four proprietary high power 6.5″ low/mid drivers and four 8″ state of the art neodymium planar magnetic drivers, covering the critical mid and high frequencies. The extremely light and durable diaphragms of these drivers offer unsurpassed voice clarity, transient response and very low distortion.

The LA402P exhibits true line array topology. Sound is projected over a wide horizontal angle without any lobes and in a well defined vertical angle. This dispersion characteristics is especially beneficial in highly reverberant venues, since reflections from ceiling and floor are greatly reduced. Near field extension ( 3 dB loss per doubling of distance) will depend on the frequency and the height of the array. Two vertically stacked cabinets will extend the near field at 1kHz to 10 meters.

The drivers in the LA402P are integrated with a sophisticated passive crossover consisting of air core coils and precision components. The wide frequency response from 60Hz to 20kHz and high SPL makes it possible to use LA402P as a stand alone system in most applications. This makes deployment of LA402P convenient and cost effective.

The cabinet is made of multilayer Birch Plywood and is equipped with eight integral flying points. The cabinet is coated with black polyurethane paint in aberration resistant textured finish. The metal grill is made of acoustically transparent heavy gauge steel. The Neutrik Speakon NL4 ensures convenient and secure connectivity.

Frequency Response60Hz to 20kHz
Power Rating240W AES, 960W peak
Sensitivity95dB 1W/1m
Maximum SPL118dB continuous, 124dB peak 1m
Crossover1 kHz passive, Air core inductors, MKP capacitors, wire wound resistors
Dispersion100° Horizontal, 10° Vertical
Low Frequency Driver4 X 6.5” Low mid driver
High Frequency Driver4 X 8” neodymium planar driver
Recommended Filter50Hz 18dB/octave Butterworth High pass filter
20kHz 12dB/octave Butterworth Low pass filter
FinishBlack impact resistant structured coating
Enclosure15 mm birch plywood vented enclosure with separate chamber for each driver
GrillPerforated heavy duty metal grill with acoustically transparent black fabric
Connector1 X Speakon
Dimensions (H X W X D)843 mm X 305 mm X 335 mm (33.2” X 12” X 13.2″)
Net Weight25 kg (55 lb)
Packed Weight27 kg (60 lb)