Quartet QM2


  • 2.X 8″ (200 mm) driver
  • 1.75″(44mm) voice coil compression driver
  • High performance and very high SPL
  • Wide horizontal dispersion and variable vertical dispersion
  • Configurable array length depending on the distance to be covered
  • Very low SPL gradient from front to back
  • Coverage pattern optimizable to focus sound on audience and avoid sound radiation to ceiling
  • Compact design and easy installation


Pulz Quartet QM2 is an advanced true Line Source System capable of high SPL and linear frequency response.

Quartet QM2 is designed for easy powering, convenience in deployment and to deliver outstanding sound quality in large cinemas. The system is powered with two high performance 8” Low-Mid drivers, the best in its class in conjunction with a 1.75” voice coil compression driver of superior sonic quality.

A specially designed waveguide loads the HF driver to create a true line source with minimum internal diffraction and associated distortions.

The LF section is loaded both in front and rear for optimum coupling and extended LF response. A minimum loss passive crossover integrates the HF and LF sections further assisted by external advanced digital processing to achieve flat frequency response.

Quartet QM2 is built using 15 mm Marine Grade Birch Plywood finished with abrasion resistant polyurethane paint. The speakers can be ground, stacked or flown with optional rigging accessories. Each box can be tilted individually from 0.5° to 12° with fine increments to achieve desired vertical coverage. Speakon connection on the back plate ensures secure speaker connections. Upto four Quartet QM2 boxes can be powered by a single channel of a high power amplifier, making the system easy to wire and deploy efficiently.

The Quartet QM2 is designed taking into consideration all the practical aspects of line source deployment yet not compromising on the ultimate sonic quality and long term consistent reliable performance.

Frequency Response65Hz to 19kHz
Power Rating400W AES, 1600W peak

Sensitivity (4 boxes)

97dB @ 1W/1m

103dB @ 1W/1m

Maximum SPL

Maximum SPL (4 boxes)

123dB continuous, 129dB peak @ 1m

135dB continuous, 141dB peak @ 1m

Nominal Impedance

Nominal Impedance(4 boxes)


Transducers2.X 8″ (200 mm) driver,

1.75″(44mm) voice coil compression driver

Crossover1 kHz passive, Air core inductors, MKP capacitors, wire wound resistors
Dispersion100° horizontal, 0° to 12° vertically configurable
FinishBlack impact resistant structured coating
Connector2 X Neutrik NL4MP Speakon connectors
Enclosure15 mm Marine Grade Birch Plywood
GrillPerforated heavy duty metal grill
Dimensions (H X W X D)237 mm X 689 mm X 414 mm (9.3” X 27.1” X 16.3”)
Net Weight25 kg (55 lb)
Packed Weight27 kg (59 lb)