• 15″ (380 mm) Low Frequency Driver
  • 1.75″ (44 mm) High Frequency Driver
  • Convenient mounting options
  • High performance coaxial driver
  • 90° conical dispersion
  • High SPL
  • Smooth frequency response on and off axis
  • Professional construction
  • High quality components


In today’s cinema, surround channels reproduction is more demanding than ever before due to the uncompressed digital soundtracks and immersive new sound formats with multiple surround channel options. One of the most sophisticated sound formats like Dolby Atmos emphasizes the role of the surrounds to such an extent that the conventional cinema surround speakers fall far short of the requisite specifications. Compared to an array of surrounds sharing the sound tracks, now individual surrounds are targeted to create the objects at specific locations.

Pulz CSX15 is specially developed for surround applications, where very high SPL (sound pressure level) and well defined coverage are paramount. The CSX15 system is powered by a 15″ high sensitivity and high power woofer with a coaxially mounted 1.75″ voice coil compression driver. This concentric design provides smooth on and off axis response with a 90° conical pattern. Unlike the conventional systems with vertically or horizontally displaced drivers, the frequency response of the Pulz CSX15 is free of lobes which ensures uniform coverage and preserves the timber of the programme throughout the audience area.

The frequency response of the Pulz CSX15 is custom tailored for cinema response with a sophisticated crossover network made of precision components and air core inductors.

The shape of CSX15 allows it to be wall mounted with a 15° downward angle. The enclosure is equipped with various mounting options to place it directly on the wall or mount it with an optional C-bracket to achieve ±45° tilts in 9° increments. Additional security hooks are provided for added safety when mounting the system on ceiling.The heavy duty MDF enclosure is finished with abrasion resistant textured paint.

The Pulz CSX15 with it’s advanced features is specially designed and built for the most demanding cinemas and sound formats and sets a new benchmark in surround speaker designs.

Frequency Response65Hz to 20kHz
Power Rating500W AES, 2000W peak
Sensitivity98dB @ 1W/1m
Maximum SPL125dB continuous, 131dB peak @ 1m
Nominal Impedance
Low Frequency Driver15″ (380 mm) Low-Mid driver with coaxial entry
High Frequency Driver1.75″ (44 mm)  voice coil compression driver mounted coaxially
Crossover1.3kHz Passive, low loss air core inductors and MKP capacitors
Dispersion90° conical
FinishBlack impact resistant structured coating
ConnectorPush type binding post, cable upto 4 mm diameter
Enclosure15 mm MDF direct radiator vented enclosure
GrillAcoustically transparent black woven fabric
Dimensions (H X W X D)600 mm X 455 mm X 378 mm (23.6” X 18” X 15”)
Net Weight27.5 kg (61 lb)
Packed Weight29.5 kg (65 lb)
SKU: a7